Torah Sparks - A Year in the Torah at Bet Immanuel

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divine sparks within us all

Torah Sparks will engage the books of Moses in a way that allows the text to come alive for contemporary spirituality.  Deeply rooted in a Torah Conscious Messianic faith, each week’s lesson seeks to create a motivation for daily practice and to acquire the tools needed to live a spiritually meaningful life.  As followers of Yeshua, our souls yearn to feel connected to something bigger and greater than ourselves and to know joy despite personal suffering and need.  Each one of us has been created in the image of God, but so often the sparks of God’s light within us is covered with so much of the darkness and brokenness we experience around us.  The Torah provides a way to unleash those divine sparks and to connect with God, His Messiah, and others in a way never before possible.

A second component to Torah Sparks is to begin each class with a commentary on Yeshua’s words in Matthew 22:37-40.  In this passage, when the Master from Nazareth was asked what was the most important thing to know in the entire Bible, Yeshua answered, “Love God.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  Everything else hangs on these two things.”  All 54 portions of the Torah vividly describe for us how to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Thus, each week’s class will begin by highlighting how that particular portion is teaching us to love our neighbor.  As we do this, we’ll see what Yeshua saw in the Torah that caused him to say, “everything else hangs on this.”  Loving our neighbor involves much more than is often thought.  By studying how to love our neighbor, we’ll learn how to implement Torah principles into our everyday lives and be able to navigate the waters of speech, business, parenting, teaching, rebuking, marriage, revenge, difficult people, and more.  Yeshua linked loving God with loving neighbor, thus how we love our neighbor is the practical, flesh and bones, rubber hitting the road way we love God! 

Below are some of the handouts, audio, and video from the Torah Sparks teaching series.  Enjoy!

Handout for Devarim                 Audio for Devarim                Video for Devarim

Handour for Va'etchanan          Audio for Va'etchanan          Video Va'etchanan

Handout for Ekev                      Audio for Ekev                      Video for Ekev

Handout for Shoftim                 Audio for Shoftim                  Video for Shoftim

Handout for Ki Tavo                 Audio for Ki Tavo                  Video for Ki Tavo

Handout for Nitzavim               Audio for Nitzavim                 Video for Nitzavim

Handout Rosh HaShanah        Audio for Rosh HaShanah    Video Rosh HaShanah

Handout for Ha'azinu               Audio for Ha'azinu                 Video for Ha'azinu 

Handout Chayei Sarah            Audio for Chayei Sarah          Video Chayei Sarah

Handout for Toldot                   Audio for Toldot                     Video for Toldot

Handout for Vayeitzei              Audio for Vayeitzei                 Video for Vayeitzei

Handout for Vayeshev             Audio for Vayeshev                Video for Vayeshev

Handout for Miketz                  Audio for Miketz                     Video for Miketz

Handout for Va'era                  Audio for Va'era                     Video for Va'era

Handout for Bo                        Audio for Bo                           Video for Bo

Handout for Beshalach            Audio for Beshalach              Video for Beshalach

Handout for Yitro                     Audio for Yitro                        Video for Yitro

Handout for Mishpatim            Audio for Mishpatim               Video for Mishpatim

Handout for Terumah              Audio for Terumah                 Vidoe for Terumah

Handout for Ki Tisa                 Audio for Ki Tisa                     Video for Ki Tisa

Handout for Vayakhel              Audio for Vayakhel                 Video for Vayakhel

Handout for Pekudei                Audio for Pekudei                   Video for Pekudei

Handout for Vayikra                Audio for Vayikra                     Video for Vayikra

Handout for Metzora               Audio for Metzora                    Video for Metzora

Handout for Passover             Audio for Passover                  Video for Passover

Handout for Acharei Mot         Audio for Acharei Mot              Video for Acharei Mot

Handout for Kedoshim            Audio for Kedoshim                 Video for Kedoshim

Handout for Emor                   Audio for Emor                         Video for Emor