The Shadows of the Messiah: A Torah Tuesday Course

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Shadow of Messiah


The Shadows of the Messiah is a year-long study in the Torah using first-century Hebraic techniques and modern Messianic interpretations to reveal Yeshua in the Torah.

Centuries before Yeshua walked the earth, Ezra the Scribe and the 120 elders of the Great Assembly divided the Torah (i.e. the first five books of the Bible) into 54 portions, so that in the course of a year the entire Torah scroll would be recited during weekly worship (i.e. a lectionary).  This practice is still observed around the world today and it is these 54 portions that will guide our study in the Shadows of the Messiah.

It will be like walking the Emmaus Road with the Master Himself where “beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, he explained to them the things concerning himself in all the Scriptures.” (Luke 24:27).

Find your Messiah in places you never expected. Discover him through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy according to the weekly portions read in houses of worship all over the world.

“And their eyes were opened and they recognized Him...And they said to one another, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us... while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?’” (Luke 24:31-32)

 Please find below some of the archives from the classes.

Parashat Pinchas Handout               Parashat Pinchas Class Audio

Parashat Mattot Handout                Parashat Mattot Audio

Parashat Devarim Handout             Parashat Devarim Audio

Parashat Va'etchanan Handout       Parashat Va'etchanan Audio 

Parashat Shoftim Handout              Parashat Shoftim Audio

Parashat Ki Teitze Handout            Parashat Ki Teitze Audio

Parashat Ki Tavo Handout             Parashat Ki Tavo Audio

Parashat Nitzavim/Vayelech           Parashat Niztavim/Vayelech Audio

Rosh HaShanah Handout               Rosh HaShanah Audio

Yom Kippur Handout                    Yom Kippur Audio

Sukkot Handout                            Sukkot Audio

Parashat Bereshit Handout            Parashat Bereshit Audio

Parashat Noach Handout              Parashat Noach Audio

Parashat Lech Lecha Handout      Parashat Lech Lecha Audio

Parashat Chayei Sarah Handout   Parashat Chayei Sarah Audio

Parashat Toldot Handout             Parashat Toldot Audio

Parashat Vayetze Handout           Parashat Vayetze Audio

Parashat Vayishlach Handout       Parashat Vayishlach Audio

Parashat Vayigash Handout          Parashat Vayigash Audio

Parashat Vayechi Handout           Parashat Vayechi Audio

Parashat Shemot Handout            Parashat Shemot Audio

Parashat Beshalach Handout        Parashat Beshalach Audio

Parashat Yitro Handout                Parashat Yitro Audio          

Parashat Mishpatim Handout       Parashat Mishpatim Audio      Video

Parashat Terumah Handout          Parashat Terumah Audio         Video

Parashat Teztaveh Handout          Parashat Teztaveh Audio        Video

Parashat Vayak'hel Handout        Parashat Vayak'hel Audio       Video

Parashat Pekudei Handout           Parashat Pekudei Audio          Video

Parashat Tzav Handout                Parashat Tzav Audio               Video

Parashat Sh'mini Handout            Parashat Sh'mini Audio            Video

Parashat Tazria Handout              Parashat Tazria Audio             Video

Parashat Bechukotai Handout      Parashat Bechukotai Audio      Video

Parashat Bamidbar Handout        Parashat Bamidbar Audio        Video

Parashat Nasso Handout             Parashat Nasso Audio             Video

Beha'alot'cha Handout                 Beha'alot'cha Audio                 Video

Parashat Shelach Handout           Parashat Shelach Audio           Video

Parashat Korach Handout           Parashat Korach Audio            Video

Parashat Chukat Handout            Parashat Chukat Audio            Video