The Intricacy of the Torah

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 The Intricacy of the Torah offers in-depth study into the stories and laws of the Torah from Genesis to Deuteronomy. Unravel the mysterious laws of clean and unclean, the detailed sacrificial system, the priesthood and Temple, and discover their deeper, Messianic meanings. Be able to reconcile the Gospels with the harsher laws of Torah.  The goal will be to examine the 613 commandments in detail through the eyes of Moses, the the Prophets, Yeshua and the Gospels, Shaul’s writings, and the Sages.

This course will engage biblical narrative, poetry, midrash, and New Testament interpretation with a literary approach to Torah study. We will examine apostolic interpretations of the Torah and compare it with rabbinic thought as we will hear tales of the Tzaddikim. Devotional, inspirational, and unapologetically Yeshua-centered, the material will offer practical direction for someone who desires a Yeshua-following Torah-based lifestyle.

Below are some of the handouts, audio, and video from the classes.

Handout for Devarim             Audio for Devarim             Video

Handout for Va'etchanan      Audio Va'etchanan             Video

Handout for Ekev                   Audio for Ekev                     Video

Handout for Re'eh                 Audio for Re'eh                     Video

Handout for Shoftim             Audio for Shoftim                Video

Handout for Ki Teitze            Audio for Ki Teitze              Video

Handout for Ki Tavo             Audio for Ki Tavo                 Video

Handout for Nitzavim          Audio for Nitzavim               Video

Handout for Ha'azinu          Audio for Ha'azinu               Video

Handout for Yom Kippur    No Audio/Video Only          Video

Handout for Vayera              Audio for Vayera                  Video

Handout Chayei Sarah         Audio Chayei Sarah            Video

Handout for Vayetze           Audio for Vayetze                Video

Handout for Vayishlach      Audio for Vayishlach           Video 

Handout for Vayeshev         Audio for Vayeshev             Video

Handout for Miketz             Audio for Miketz                  Video

Handout for Va'era              Audio for Va'era                   Video

Handout for Bo                     Audio for Bo                         Video

Handout for Beshalach       Audio for Beshalach            Video

Handout for Yitro                Audio for Yitro                      Video

Handout for Mishpatim     Audio for Mishpatim           Video

Handout for Tetzaveh         Audio for Teztaveh              Video

Handout For Ki Tisa           Audio for Ki Tisa                  Video

Handout for Vayak'hel       Audio for Vayak'hel             Video

Handout for Vayikra           Audio for Vayikra                 Video

Handout for Tzav                 Audio for Tzav                      Video

Handout for Passover         Audio for Passover               Video

Handout for Shemini          Audio for Shemini                Video

Handout for Tazria-Metzora       Audio Tazria-Metzora                   Video 

Handout for Acharei Mot-Kedoshim       Audio for Acharei Mot-Kedoshim             

Handout for Emor               Audio for Emor                     Video

Handout Behar - Bechukotai      Audio Behar - Bechukotai             Video

Handout for Bamidbar       Audio for Bamidbar              Video

Handout for Nasso              Audio for Nasso                      Video

Handout for Beha'alotcha          Audio for Beha'alotcha          Video

Handout for Shelach           Audio for Shelach                   Video

Handout for Korach            Audio for Korach                     Video

Handour for Chukat            Audio for Chukat                     Video

Handout for Balak               Audio for Balak                        Video

Handout for Pinchas           Audio for Pinchas                    Video

Handout for Mattot-Massei         Audio for Mattot-Massei       Video