Bet Immanuel Messianic Torah Fellowship

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A Torah Conscious Messianic Community in Western Kentucky

Bet Immanuel is a Messianic fellowship in Murray, KY.  Bet Immanuel is affiliated with the United Messianic Jewish Assembly (UMJA).  Currently, the primary activity of Bet Immanuel is the study of the weekly Parashat on Tuesday evenings at 7pm (currently meeting at 100 South 15th Street).  Bet Immanuel also seeks to gather on the Biblical festivals and for Shabbat.  If you are in the Western Kentucky area and would like more information about Torah Tuesday, Festival celebrations, or the meeting time and place for the Erev Shabbat then please call Dr. Chad Foster at 270.227.9202 or email


Dr. Yeshayahu (Chad) Foster is the Moreh (teacher) at Bet Immanuel and Dr. Foster has Messianic Rabbinic ordination from the UMJA.

An archive of over four years of teaching is available at